Welcome to the HealthVault Application Developer Center

The HealthVault Developer Center is an online site meant to complement the MSDN Developer Center, Application Configuration Center and partner developed X-Ray for HealthVault tool.  This site itself is a HealthVault application, and contains useful online tools to view raw user data, add editable sample data to a record and view methods & data-types schema documentation.

Tools to view  logged in user data

Tools to browse HealthVault schemas and add editable sample data
  • Health types schema browser: view the XML schema for all HealthVault data types. View, add, and edit HealthVault data for testing and validation of your application.
  • Method schema browser: view the schema of the XML messages passed between applications and the HealthVault.  (See SDKs for HealthVault for a list of libraries used to connect with HealthVault from various development environments.)
  • Vocabulary browser: view the vocabularies that HealthVault provides out of the box.