Version 2.3 07_2008


Property Value
Name vaccine-manufacturers-mvx
Family HL7
Version 2.3 07_2008


ID Name
AB Abbott Laboratories
ACA Acambis, Inc
AD Adams Laboratories, Inc.
ALP Alpha Therapeutic Corporation
AR Armour
AVB Aventis Behring L.L.C.
AVI Aviron
BAH Baxter Healthcare Corporation
BA Baxter Healthcare Corporation
BAY Bayer Corporation
BP Berna Products
BPC Berna Products Corporation
MIP Bioport Corporation
CNJ Cangene Corporation
CMP Celltech Medeva Pharmaceuticals
CEN Centeon L.L.C.
CHI Chiron Corporation
CON Connaught
CSL CSL Biotherapies, Inc.
DVC DynPort Vaccine Company, LLC
EVN Evans Medical Limited
GEO GeoVax Labs, Inc.
SKB GlaxoSmithKline
GRE Greer Laboratories, Inc.
IAG Immuno International AG
IUS Immuno-U.S., Inc.
KGC Korea Green Cross Corporation
LED Lederle
MBL Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories
MA Massachusetts Public Health Biologic Laboratories
MED MedImmune, Inc.
MSD Merck & Co., Inc.
IM Merieux
MIL Miles
NYB New York Blood Center
NAV North American Vaccine, Inc.
NOV Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation
NVX Novavax, Inc.
OTC Organon Teknika Corporation
ORT Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
OTH Other manufacturer
PD Parkedale Pharmaceuticals
PWJ PowderJect Pharmaceuticals
PRX Praxis Biologics
PMC sanofi pasteur
SCL Sclavo, Inc.
SOL Solvay Pharmaceuticals
SI Swiss Serum and Vaccine Inst.
TAL Talecris Biotherapeutics
JPN The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN)
USA United States Army Medical Research and Material Command
UNK Unknown manufacturer
VXG VaxGen
WAL Wyeth-Ayerst
ZLB ZLB Behring