Version 1


Property Value
Name medication-routes
Family wc
Version 1


ID Name
ou both eyes
pg by g-tube
inh by inhaler
pj by j-tube
po by mouth
pr by rectum
cpd compounding
imp implant
inj injectable
inart intra-articular
ib intrabiliary
il intralymphatic
im intramuscular
into intraocular
intp intraperitoneal
inpl intrapleural
intr intrathecal
intt intratracheal
intu intrauteral
iv intravenous
invs intravesical
ir irrigation
as left ear
os left eye
mm mucous membrane
nas nasal
neb nebulizer
oph ophthalmic
poinj oral and injectable
porec oral and rectal
om oral transmucosal
otic otic
ad right ear
od right eye
sc subcutaneous
sl sublingual
top topical
td transdermal
tranu transurethral
vag vaginal