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ID Name
AR Abdominal Radiology
AS Abdominal Surgery
ADM Addiction Medicine
ADP Addiction Psychiatry
AMF Adolescent Medicine
AMI Adolescent Medicine - Internal Medicine
ADL Adolescent Medicine - Pediatrics
OAR Adult Reconstructive Orthopedics
AM Aerospace Medicine
A Allergy
AI Allergy and Immunology
ALI Allergy and Immunology/Clinical and Lab Immunology
PTH Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
ATP Anatomic Pathology
AN Anesthesiology
BBK Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine
ICE Cardiac Electrophysiology
CTR Cardiothoracic Radiology
CD Cardiovascular Diseases
PCH Chemical Pathology
CHP Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
CHN Child Neurology
DDL Clinical and Lab Dermatological Immunology
ILI Clinical and Lab Immunology - Internal Medicine
PLI Clinical and Lab Immunology - Pediatrics
CBG Clinical Biochemical Genetics
CCG Clinical Cytogenetics
CG Clinical Genetics
CMG Clinical Molecular Genetics
CN Clinical Neurophysiology
CLP Clinical Pathology
PA Clinical Pharmacology
CRS Colon and Rectal Surgery
CS Cosmetic Surgery
CFS Craniofacial Surgery
CCA Critical Care Medicine - Anesthesiology
CCM Critical Care Medicine - Internal Medicine
OCC Critical Care Medicine - Obstetrics and Gynecology
PCP Cytopathology
DS Dermatologic Surgery
D Dermatology
DMP Dermatopathology
DBP Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
DIA Diabetes
DR Diagnostic Radiology
EM Emergency Medicine
END Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
EP Epidemiology
FPS Facial Plastic Surgery
FP Family Practice
FOP Forensic Pathology
PFP Forensic Psychiatry
GE Gastroenterology
GP General Practice
GPM General Preventive Medicine
GS General Surgery
FPG Geriatric Medicine - Family Practice
IMG Geriatric Medicine - Internal Medicine
PYG Geriatric Psychiatry
GO Gynecological Oncology
GYN Gynecology
HS Hand Surgery
HNS Head and Neck Surgery
HO Hematology/Oncology
HEM Hematology-Internal Medicine
HMP Hematology-Pathology
HEP Hepatology
HOS Hospitalist
IG Immunology
ID Infectious Diseases
IM Internal Medicine
MPD Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
IC Interventional Cardiology
LM Legal Medicine
MFM Maternal and Fetal Medicine
MG Medical Genetics
MDM Medical Management
MM Medical Microbiology
ON Medical Oncology
ETX Medical Toxicology - Emergency Medicine
PDT Medical Toxicology - Pediatrics
PTX Medical Toxicology - Preventive Medicine
MGG Molecular Genetic Pathology (Medical Genetics)
MGP Molecular Genetic Pathology (Pathology)
OMO Musculoskeletal Oncology
MSR Musculoskeletal Radiology
NPM Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
NEP Nephrology
NDP Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (Pediatrics)
NDN Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (Psychiatry)
NS Neurological Surgery
N Neurology
NRN Neurology/Diagnostic Radiology/Neuroradiology
NP Neuropathology
RNR Neuroradiology
NC Nuclear Cardiology
NM Nuclear Medicine
NR Nuclear Radiology
NTR Nutrition
OBS Obstetrics