Version 1


Property Value
Name lab-results-units
Family wc
Version 1


ID Name
B-per-min beats per minute
breaths-per-min breaths per minute
cells-per-ul cells per microliter
Cel celsius
cm centimeters
cmH20 centimeters of water
lg(iU) decadic logarithm of international units
fl femtoliters
g-per-dl grams per deciliter
HB-per-min heartbeats per minute
HPF high powered field
h hours
iU international units
iU-per-l international units per liter
iU-per-ml international units per milliliter
kg kilograms
kU-per-l kilounits per liter
l liters
l-per-min liters per minute
l-per-s liters per second
ug-per-d micrograms per day
ug-per-dl micrograms per deciliter
ug-per-g micrograms per gram creatinine
ug-per-l micrograms per liter
ug-per-ml micrograms per milliliter
uiU-per-ml micro-international-units per milliliter
umol-per-l micromoles per liter
umol-per-m micromoles per meter
uunits microunits
uunits-per-ml microunits per milliliter
uU-per-ml microunits per milliliter<-per-Value>
meq-per-l milliequivalents per liter
mg milligrams
mg-per-24h milligrams per 24 hours
mg-per-d milligrams per day
mg-per-dl milligrams per deciliter
mg-per-g milligrams per gram
mg-per-gcreat. milligrams per gram creatinine
mg-per-l milligrams per liter
miU-per-l milli-international-units per liter
miU-per-ml milli-international-units-per-ml
ml milliliters
ml-per-HB milliliters per beat
ml-per-dl milliliters per deciliter
ml-per-min milliliters per minute
mmHg millimeters of mercury
mm-per-h millimeters per hour
mmol-per-l millimoles per liter
mmol-per-mol millimoles per mole
M million
Mcells-per-ul million cells per microliter
M-per-mm3 million per cubic millimeter
M-per-ul million per microliter
mosm-per-kg milliosmoles per kilogram
mU-per-l milliunits per liter
mU-per-ml milliunits per milliliter
min minutes
mol-per-mm3 moles per cubic millimeter
mol-per-ul moles per microliter
ng-per-dl nanograms per deciliter
ng-per-l nanograms per liter
ng-per-ml nanograms per milliliter
ng-per-ml-per-h nanograms per milliliter per hour
ng-per-nl nanograms per nanoliter
nmol-per-l nanomoles per liter
nU-per-ml nanounits per milliliter
per-mm3 per cubic millimeter
per-HPF per high powered field
per-LPF per low powered field
per-ul per microliter
per-s per second
pcnt percent
pg picograms
pg-per-dl picograms per deciliter
pg-per-ml picograms per milliliter
pmol-per-ml picomole per milliliter
s seconds
m2 square meters
kcells-per-ul thousand cells per microliter
k-per-mm3 thousand per cubic millimeter
k-per-ul thousand per microliter
titer titers
units units
units-per-l units per liter
U-per-ml units per milliliter
W watts
a years