Version 1


Property Value
Name immunization-adverse-effect
Family wc
Version 1


ID Name
AbdominalPain Abdominal pain
Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis
ChestDiscomfort Chest discomfort
Cough Cough
Diarrhea Diarrhea
DifficultyBreathing Difficulty breathing
DifficultySwallowing Difficulty swallowing
Dizziness Dizziness
Erythema Erythema
EyePain Eye pain
Fatigue Fatigue
Fever Fever
FeverChills Fever with chills
Fussiness Fussiness
Headache Headache
Hoarseness Hoarseness
Itching Itching
Joint pain Joint pain
LossOfConsciousness Loss of consciousness
MuscleAche Muscle ache
MuscleWeakness Muscle weakness
NasalCongestion Nasal congestion
Nausea Nausea
NonstopCrying Non-stop crying
Pain Pain
PoorAppetite Poor appetite
RedEye Red eye
Seizures Seizures
Skin hives Skin hives
SkinRash Skin rash
SkinRedness Skin redness
SkinSoreness Skin soreness
SkinSwelling Skin swelling
Sneezing Sneezing
StomachCramps Stomach cramps
Vomiting Vomiting
Wheezing Wheezing