Name Version Description
AddApplication 2 Adds an application configuration.
AllocatePackageId 1 The unique identity code (to access the package) or failure result.
AssociateAlternateId 1 Associates an alternate id with a person and record.
AuthorizeApplication 1
BeginPutBlob 1 The authentication token to be supplied with a streaming put blob request.
BeginPutConnectPackageBlob 1
CreateAuthenticatedSessionToken 1 Provides a way for clients to establish an authenticated session with Microsoft HealthVault.
CreateConnectPackage 2 Creates a package containing a data that the user can claim using the identity code returned by this method
CreateConnectRequest 1 Creates a connect request which will allow the user to tie their HealthVault account to the calling application once the user validates the connect request.
DeletePendingConnectPackage 1 Deletes the pending connect package.
DeletePendingConnectRequest 1 Deletes the pending connect request for the supplied external id.
DisassociateAlternateId 1 Disassociates an alternate id with a person and record.
GetAlternateIds 1
GetApplicationInfo 2 Gets the settings for the current application.
GetApplicationSettings 1 Gets the application specific settings for the person.
GetAuthorizedConnectRequests 1 Returns all found authorized connect requests associated with the calling application.
GetAuthorizedPeople 1 Gets information about the people that are authorized for an application.
GetAuthorizedRecords 1 Gets information about the specified health records for which the authenticated person is authorized to use with the calling application.
GetEventSubscriptions 1 The response containing the entire collection of subscriptions for calling application.
GetMeaningfulUseTimelyAccessReport 1 Gets the Meaningful Use Timely Access Report for an application.
GetMeaningfulUseVDTReport 1 Gets the Meaningful Use VDT Report for an application.
GetPeopleForRecord 1 Gets information about the people that have been authorized to a record or invited to share a record.
GetPersonAndRecordForAlternateId 1 Gets the person and record ids associated with an alternate id.
GetPersonInfo 1 Gets basic information about the authenticated person.
GetRecordOperations 1 Gets all operations that have occurred on the record since a specified sequence number.
GetServiceDefinition 2 This method is used to get information about Microsoft HealthVault and its related features.
GetThings 3 Searches for things based on supplied criteria.
GetThingType 1 Gets information about the thing types supported by the platform.
GetUpdatedRecordsForApplication 2 Gets a list of records for an application with things that have been updated since a specified date.
GetValidGroupMembership 1 Gets a list of valid things of type Group Membership.
GetVocabulary 2 Gets the code items associated with a vocabulary.
NewApplicationCreationInfo 1 Gets information needed to authorize a new SODA application instance.
NewSignupCode 1 The unique signup code or failure result.
OverwriteThings 2 Overwrites a thing even if the new data uses an older version of the thing schema.
PutThings 2 Creates or updates one or more things.
QueryPermissions 1 Gets the permissions the authenticated person has for the specified thing type for the specified record.
RemoveApplicationRecordAuthorization 1
RemoveThings 1 Deletes things from a record.
SearchVocabulary 1 Searches a vocabulary and retrieves code items that match a given search criteria.
SelectInstance 1 Gets the HealthVault instance that supports a specified geographic location.
SendInsecureMessage 1 Sends an insecure email message to the specified recipients.
SendInsecureMessageFromApplication 1 Sends an insecure email message originating from the application to the specified recipients.
SetApplicationSettings 1 Sets the application specific settings for the person.
SubscribeToEvent 1 Creates an event subscription for the calling application.
UnsubscribeToEvent 1 Removes the subscription identified by the supplied id.
UpdateApplication 2 Updates an application configuration.
UpdateEventSubscription 1 Updates an event subscription for the calling application.
UpdateExternalId 1 Updates the external id for a connect request.