Data types

Name Version ID Description
Action plan (deprecated) 1 10291bcd-6c33-4297-86df-167fedefd6d8 A single action plan related object.
Advance directive 1 822a5e5a-14f1-4d06-b92f-8f3f1b05218f An advance directive such as a living will.
Aerobic profile 1 7b2ea78c-4b78-4f75-a6a7-5396fe38b09a A summary of a person's aerobic condition.
Allergic episode 1 d65ad514-c492-4b59-bd05-f3f6cb43ceb3 A single instance of an allergic reaction.
Allergy 1 52bf9104-2c5e-4f1f-a66d-552ebcc53df7 A hypersensitivity to an allergen.
App-specific information 1 a5033c9d-08cf-4204-9bd3-cb412ce39fc0 Arbitrary or custom data for use by an application.
Application data reference 1 9ad2a94f-c6a4-4d78-8b50-75b65be0e250 Information that can be used by an application to render content from another application.
Appointment 1 4b18aeb6-5f01-444c-8c70-dbf13a2f510b A medical appointment.
Asthma inhaler 1 ff9ce191-2096-47d8-9300-5469a9883746 An inhaler unit used to treat asthma.
Asthma inhaler usage 1 03efe378-976a-42f8-ae1e-507c497a8c6d A single use of an inhaler.
Basic demographic information 2 3b3e6b16-eb69-483c-8d7e-dfe116ae6092 Defines a set of data about the health record that is considered not to be personally-identifiable.
Blood glucose 1 879e7c04-4e8a-4707-9ad3-b054df467ce4 A single blood glucose reading.
Blood oxygen saturation 1 3a54f95f-03d8-4f62-815f-f691fc94a500 The percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood.
Blood pressure 1 ca3c57f4-f4c1-4e15-be67-0a3caf5414ed A single blood pressure reading.
Body composition 1 18adc276-5144-4e7e-bf6c-e56d8250adf8 A body composition measurement.
Body dimension 1 dd710b31-2b6f-45bd-9552-253562b9a7c1 A body dimension such as waist size or head circumference.
Calorie guideline 1 d3170d30-a41b-4bde-a116-87698c8a001a A guideline for caloric intake.
Cardiac profile 1 adaf49ad-8e10-49f8-9783-174819e97051 A summary of a person's cardiac condition.
Care plan 1 415c95e0-0533-4d9c-ac73-91dc5031186c A care plan containing tasks and goals.
Cholesterol 2 98f76958-e34f-459b-a760-83c1699add38 A single cholesterol reading.
Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) 1 1ed1cba6-9530-44a3-b7b5-e8219690ebcf No summary available.
Comment 1 9f4e0fcd-10d7-416d-855a-90514ce2016b A comment associated with another data item.
Concern 1 aea2e8f2-11dd-4a7d-ab43-1d58764ebc19 A concern that a person has about a condition or life issue.
Condition 1 7ea7a1f9-880b-4bd4-b593-f5660f20eda8 A medical issue or problem.
Contact 1 25c94a9f-9d3d-4576-96dc-6791178a8143 A contact such as an emergency contact, doctor, lawyer, etc.
Continuity of Care Document (CCD) 1 9c48a2b8-952c-4f5a-935d-f3292326bf54 No summary available.
Continuity of Care Record (CCR) 1 1e1ccbfc-a55d-4d91-8940-fa2fbf73c195 No summary available.
Contraindication 1 046d0ad7-6d7f-4bfd-afd4-4192ca2e913d A substance that interacts badly with a medical condition or drug.
Daily dietary intake 1 9c29c6b9-f40e-44ff-b24e-fba6f3074638 The amount of dietary nutrients and minerals consumed in a day.
Daily medication usage 1 a9a76456-0357-493e-b840-598bbb9483fd A record of taking a medication or dietary supplement.
Defibrillator episode 1 a3d38add-b7b2-4ccd-856b-9b14bbc4e075 The data from an implantable defibrillator after an episode.
Diabetic profile 1 80cf4080-ad3f-4bb5-a0b5-907c22f73017 A summary of a person's diabetic condition.
Discharge summary 1 02ef57a2-a620-425a-8e92-a301542cca54 A summary of a discharge from a health provider.
Education - MyData file (preview) 1 0aa6a4c7-cef5-46ea-970e-206c8402dccb A MyData education file.
Education - SIF student academic record (preview) 1 c3353437-7a5e-46be-8e1a-f93dac872a68 No summary available.
Education document (preview) 1 9df1163d-eae1-405e-8a66-8aaf19bd5fc7 An education document such as an assignment or exam.
Emotional state 1 4b7971d6-e427-427d-bf2c-2fbcf76606b3 A subjective record of an emotional state.
Encounter 2 464083cc-13de-4f3e-a189-da8e47d5651b A medical encounter such as an annual physical.
Exercise 2 85a21ddb-db20-4c65-8d30-33c899ccf612 An exercise session such as running or climbing.
Exercise samples 1 e1f92d7f-9699-4483-8223-8442874ec6d9 A series of data samples from an exercise session.
Explanation of benefits (EOB) 1 356fbba9-e0c9-4f4f-b0d9-4594f2490d2f An explanation of benefits received from an insurance plan.
Family history 3 4a04fcc8-19c1-4d59-a8c7-2031a03f21de A condition of a relative.
Family history condition 1 6705549b-0e3d-474e-bfa7-8197ddd6786a A condition of a relative.
Family history person 1 cc23422c-4fba-4a23-b52a-c01d6cd53fdf Information about a relative of the record owner.
File 1 bd0403c5-4ae2-4b0e-a8db-1888678e4528 A file that can be uploaded to a health record in Microsoft HealthVault.
Food & drink 1 089646a6-7e25-4495-ad15-3e28d4c1a71d The amount of dietary nutrients and minerals consumed.
Genetic SNP result 1 9d006053-116c-43cc-9554-e0cda43558cb A collection of results from a SNP genetic test.
Group membership 1 66ac44c7-1d60-4e95-bb5b-d21490e91057 Memberships of the record owner.
Group membership activity 1 e75fa095-31ed-4b30-b5f7-463963b5e734 An activity related to group membership.
HbA1C 2 62160199-b80f-4905-a55a-ac4ba825ceae An HbA1C reading that measures the amount of glycosylated hemoglobin.
Health assessment 1 58fd8ac4-6c47-41a3-94b2-478401f0e26c The results of a health assessment such as a diabetes assessment.
Health event 1 1572af76-1653-4c39-9683-9f9ca6584ba3 A general health event such as the first time a baby crawls.
Health goal 1 dad8bb47-9ad0-4f09-a020-0ff051d1d0f7 A health goal that defines a target goal such as steps per day.
Health journal entry 1 21d75546-8717-4deb-8b17-a57f48917790 An entry of a health journal or diary.
Healthcare proxy 1 7ea47715-cba4-47f0-99d2-eb0a9fb4a85c A healthcare proxy that appoints an agent to make medical decisions.
Heart rate 1 b81eb4a6-6eac-4292-ae93-3872d6870994 A heart rate measurement in beats per minute.
Height 1 40750a6a-89b2-455c-bd8d-b420a4cb500b A single height measurement.
Immunization 2 cd3587b5-b6e1-4565-ab3b-1c3ad45eb04f An immunization to prevent a disease or condition.
Insight 1 5d15b7bc-0499-4dc4-8df7-ef1a2332cfb5 A single instance of health insight.
Insulin injection 1 3b3c053b-b1fe-4e11-9e22-d4b480de74e8 An insulin injection used to treat diabetes.
Insulin injection usage 1 184166be-8adb-4d9c-8162-c403040e31ad A single use of an insulin injection.
Insurance plan 1 9366440c-ec81-4b89-b231-308a4c4d70ed A person or organization that pays for health and medical bills.
Lab results 2 5800eab5-a8c2-482a-a4d6-f1db25ae08c3 A series of lab test results.
Life goal 1 609319bf-35cc-40a4-b9d7-1b329679baaa A general life goal such as to travel or quit smoking.
Meal definition 1 074e122a-335a-4a47-a63d-00a8f3e79e60 A meal that is commonly eaten or a meal associated with a particular diet plan.
Medical annotation 1 7ab3e662-cc5b-4be2-bf38-78f8aad5b161 A medical annotation containing transcribed notes and other information.
Medical device 1 ef9cf8d5-6c0b-4292-997f-4047240bc7be A piece of medical equipment such as a blood pressure reader or pedometer.
Medical image study 2 cdfc0a9b-6d3b-4d16-afa8-02b86d621a8d A study containing medical images.
Medical problem 1 5e2c027e-3417-4cfc-bd10-5a6f2e91ad23 A medical problem and diagnosis.
Medication 2 30cafccc-047d-4288-94ef-643571f7919d A substance used for the treatment of a disease or condition.
Medication fill 1 167ecf6b-bb54-43f9-a473-507b334907e0 Information related to filling a medication.
Menstruation 1 caff3ff3-812f-44b1-9c9f-c1af13167705 A single assessment of menstrual flow.
Message 1 72dc49e1-1486-4634-b651-ef560ed051e5 A multipart message including message text and attachments.
Microbiology lab test result 1 b8fcb138-f8e6-436a-a15d-e3a2d6916094 A microbiology lab test result.
PAP session 1 9085cad9-e866-4564-8a91-7ad8685d204d A Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) session.
Password-protected package 1 c9287326-bb43-4194-858c-8b60768f000f A package that contains a pkcs5v2 encrypted blob.
Peak flow 2 5d8419af-90f0-4875-a370-0f881c18f6b3 A peak flow measurement used to track lung function.
Personal contact information 1 162dd12d-9859-4a66-b75f-96760d67072b The contact information for the person owning a health record in Microsoft HealthVault.
Personal demographic information 1 92ba621e-66b3-4a01-bd73-74844aed4f5b Personal demographic information that is considered sensitive in nature.
Personal picture 1 a5294488-f865-4ce3-92fa-187cd3b58930 An image that represents the person.
Plan 1 504d6c08-68f9-4e07-8699-5fb55678f13d A plan helping a user address a particular aspect of their health.
Pregnancy 1 46d485cf-2b84-429d-9159-83152ba801f4 A record of a pregnancy and delivery.
Procedure 2 df4db479-a1ba-42a2-8714-2b083b88150f A medical procedure and results.
Question & answer 1 55d33791-58de-4cae-8c78-819e12ba5059 A question that was asked and the answers given.
Radiology result 1 e4911bd3-61bf-4e10-ae78-9c574b888b8f The results of a radiology lab test.
Respiratory profile 1 5fd15cb7-b717-4b1c-89e0-1dbcf7f815dd A summary of a person's respiratory condition.
Sleep journal entry 1 031f5706-7f1a-11db-ad56-7bd355d89593 A daily journal of activities that impact sleep.
Sleep session 1 11c52484-7f1a-11db-aeac-87d355d89593 A sleep journal entry made in the morning to reflect on the prior night.
Status 1 d33a32b2-00de-43b8-9f2a-c4c7e9f580ec The status of an item in the health record.
Task 1 6184d61f-4846-4219-b675-b61de85860d1 A task assigned to a user as part of a plan.
Task tracking entry 1 b54a6e00-c1fb-4e22-8694-0a4ae94e8cb6 Represents a single occasion on which the user performed a task, was supposed to perform a task, or completed a task by performing all required occurrences.
Vital signs 1 73822612-c15f-4b49-9e65-6af369e55c65 A set of vital signs such as body temperature.
Web link 1 d4b48e6b-50fa-4ba8-ac73-7d64a68dc328 A link to a web page.
Weekly aerobic exercise goal 1 e4501363-fb95-4a11-bb60-da64e98048b5 A weekly goal for aerobic exercise.
Weight 1 3d34d87e-7fc1-4153-800f-f56592cb0d17 A single weight measurement.
Weight goal 1 b7925180-d69e-48fa-ae1d-cb3748ca170e A target weight range with an associated target date.